When food is served to the general public we always have the possibility that we are serving someone with a weakened or developing immune system. The Powell County Health Department regulates and inspects many types of food operations.
Food service inspection – Restaurants, delis, etc.…
Retail food inspection – Grocery stores, convenient stores, dollar stores, etc.

Temporary food – fairs, festivals, food trucks, events, etc..

Please contact this office well ahead of time if you plan to start any type of food service including a temporary setup

Food manager and food handler training is available at

Please select Kentucky and Powell County when on this site

The Food Manager products can only be purchased from the links below

Powell County, KY Food Safety Manager Package (Training + Exam)

The Powell County, Kentucky Food Handler Card can be purchased from the drop-down menu on our website as well as from this link:

The training certificate and the Food Safety Manager Certificate are issued as valid for five (5) years. However, food manager certification in Powell County, KY must be completed every three (3) years.

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