Health Departments do not have programs to address the interior conditions such as mold, leaks, non-functioning appliances, bed bugs, roaches, etc. of residential properties (i.e. apartments, condos, houses, etc.).

Renter issues may use the following resources for assistance in dealing with Tenant/Landlord issues.

  •  Go to the Attorney General’s website to see what tenant’s rights are, and how to negotiate with landlords regarding issues.
  •  Contact the Legal Aid Society in Louisville at 502-584-1254. That office can assist both tenant and landlords with their issues in rural counties.
  • Call Consumer Protection at Attorney General’s office at 1-888-432-9257 to file a complaint through the Attorney General’s office.

Complaints can only be accepted for the following topics:

  • Food safety

  • Public health nuisances occurring outdoors or inside public buildings

  • Mosquitoes in standing water

  • Sewage discharge

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